RotoPoll’s Verdict on Today’s Trade

January 17, 2007

You’ve probably heard by now that the Pacers and Warriors have made an 8-player trade, with the Pacers sending Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, Sarunas Jasikevicius, and Josh Powell to Golden State for Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diogu, and Keith McLeod.

In case you were wondering, RotoPoll says that Indy wins this trade, but it’s pretty close.

For more meaningful analysis, check out GMTR’s breakdown of the impact on each player in the deal.


Rick Kamla and RotoPoll Agree: Manu Blew Up

January 8, 2007
Manu Ginobili

Manu can do a lot in only 27 minutes.

Sometimes I like to compare the RotoPoll rankings against other rankings that are out there.

Last night on NBA TV’s NBA Fantasy Hoops, host Rick Kamla proclaimed that Manu Ginobili had the best fantasy line of the night. This morning, I checked the RotoPoll top games list to see if it agrees with Rick. Good news: It does. So in case you were worried that these numbers are being conjured out of thin air, there’s one tiny piece of anecdotal evidence that they’re legit.

Boise State Wins the Outrageous Ending Bowl

January 1, 2007

This is clearly off-topic, but I can’t help it. I’ve just witnessed the most incredible ending to a sporting event I think I’ve ever seen. Even if you only started watching with two minutes left, here’s what happened, as best I can recall in my postgame stupor:

Down 28-20, Oklahoma drives the length of the field in one minute, scoring a touchdown on a pass deflected in the endzone. This completes a comeback from being down 28-10 in the 3rd quarter. Oklahoma clearly has all the “momentum”, such as it is.

Boise State receives the kickoff, and the returner is one tackle away from housing it. Taking over on the 25 yard line with 1:26 left, Boise State QB Jared Zabransky is picked off on the first play by an Oklahoma DB and it’s returned for a touchdown. 35-28, Oklahoma. The momentum shift has achieved tsunami status. Sooners fans are dancing in the aisles.

Boise gets the ball again with 54 seconds left on their own 20. After a couple completions, a sack, and a couple incompletions, they have a 4th-and-18 on the 50 with 0:18 left. Facing do-or-die time, Zabransky hits Drisan James on a deep cross, which probably would have been good for a first down, only James then pitches the ball to Jerard Rabb crossing the other way for a perfect hook-and-lateral, Rabb wins a race to the pylon, and dives across to finish off the most spectacular touchdown of the year (the video is shown above).

Overtime. Oklahoma scores a touchdown in one play, as Adrian Peterson goes around the left side virtually untouched. 42-35, Oklahoma.

Boise State puts together a matching TD drive, unleashing a bewildering array of trick plays. The touchdown comes on a 4th-and-2 from the five, when QB Zabransky goes in motion to the left and the ball is direct-snapped to wideout Vinny Perretta, who rolls right and floats a perfect touch pass to Derek Schouman in the endzone. A direct-snap WR option on fourth down! Unbelievable. 42-41, Oklahoma.

Boise State then elects to go for two and try to win the game right then and there. In a play reminiscent of the old “Statue of Liberty” play, Zabransky fakes a WR screen to the right, hiding the ball behind his back and handing it to tailback Ian Johnson, who ran around the left end into the endzone and fired the ball into the stands in celebration. Your final score: 43-42, Boise State.

Look for it on ESPN Classic very soon. Probably tomorrow.

Update: And as if all that weren’t enough… After the game Ian Johnson, the Boise State tailback who scored the winning two-point converstion, dropped to a knee and proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend.

Update #2: I can’t stop thinking about this stuff today. Here’s an attempt at explaining why the “BCS problem” persists, and a simple solution for it: The BCS is like Jessica Alba (And Here’s How to Fix It)

Rex Grossman is Glad RotoPoll Doesn’t do Football

January 1, 2007
Rex Grossman

At least not yet.

But even without empirical proof, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if there were RotoPoll rankings for football, Chicago Bears QB “Sexy Rexy” Grossman‘s wretched performance last night was the worst game of the year. It’s hard to imagine being much worse than 2 of 12 for 33 yards, 0 TD, and 3 interceptions. But there’s more… he also rushed twice for -1 yard and lost a fumble.

Brian Griese didn’t do much better in his place. The Bears definitely have a problem at QB heading into the playoffs (but I guess that’s not news to anyone).

Off-topic: Somebody Burped During the Giants-Redskins Game

December 31, 2006

This is way off topic for this blog, but I don’t have anywhere else to write stuff like this…

I was mindlessly watching the Giants-Redskins game last night (which actually was one of the better games of the season), when my wife, paying even less attention than I was, suddenly exclaimed, “Did Bryant Gumbel just burp on the air?” Thanks to the magic of TiVo, I quickly verified that somebody let out a loud belch at the 3:04 mark of the 3rd quarter. It happened during dead air, making it seem like either NFL Network play-by-play man Bryant Gubmel or color commentator Cris Collinsworth was to blame. I found a YouTube clip of the first incident:

It happened again at roughly 13:28 of the 4th quarter, this time while they were talking. With about 6 minutes left in the game, Gumbel addressed the issue, saying that threre was an “open mic” somewhere, and that he and Collinsworth were not, in fact, battling “indigestion.”

I have no idea who did the burping. Honestly, I doubt it was one of the booth guys, because I have to believe they’d turn off their mics to burp, cough, sneeze, or anything else, and failing that, at least follow it up with an “excuse me” or something. They’re professionals—it’s not like it’s the first time they’ve been on TV. But I also wonder why the “open mic” didn’t seem to catch a lot of other random sounds… just a couple loud belches.

A quick search reveals that a couple other blogs have weighed in on this topic as well.

LeBron Can Score (From the Field)

December 30, 2006

There was an incredible stat on ESPN tonight: Since joining the NBA as a rookie, LeBron James has outscored every other player over that timespan. That’s right, over the last 3+ years he’s racked up more points than Kobe, Dirk, or anyone else in the league (7,069, by the way). Talk about making an impact right away.

But this is small solace to LeBron’s fantasy owners, who are probably blinded with rage by his infuriating 0-3 from the free throw line tonight (or at least they ought to be).

Which NBA team is the best fantasy team?

December 21, 2006

Here’s something fantasy die-hards like to argue about: Which NBA squad would be the best fantasy team? Well, with RotoPoll and the Trade Evaluator, we can find out.

For this exercise, we’ll consider the starting five for each team, according to the latest depth chart. In cases where a bench player is clearly more valuable than a starter (such as Sam Cassell or Corey Maggette vs. Quinton Ross), we can sub him in and run the numbers that way too.

As you would expect, the talent is tilted toward the Western Conference. The number one fantasy team? No surprise here: The Phoenix Suns. But guess who’s number 2? Here’s a hint: They just pulled off a blockbuster deal (you may have heard something about it) that added a lot of fantasy firepower. That’s right, it’s the Nuggets.

Here’s how the two teams square off: Suns vs. Nuggets

Suns vs. Nuggets

If the NBA Finals were today, and we took the teams with the best records from the West (Spurs) and the East (Pistons), it owould be a pretty close matchup, fantasy-wise: Spurs vs. the Pistons

But actually, the Pistons aren’t the best fantasy squad in the East. Who is? A team that’s .500 and would barely make the playoffs right now: The Washington Wizards. But they would still be no match for the Suns: Suns vs. Wizards

And there you have it–definitive proof of absolutely nothing, but more anecdotal evidence that the West is where it’s at in the NBA right now.