What happened to this once illustrious blog?

That was the question posed in a recent comment.

The answer is: I got a new job, one that leaves me a lot less time to research the stats and do analysis to come up with the kind of posts I did earlier in the year. In the meantime, I still suggest suscribing to the RotoPoll Top Games feed, which is updated daily and I find to be quite useful and interesting.

Hopefully I’ll find the time to get back to this soon.

By the way, baseball season is coming up… would something like this for baseball be interesting to anyone out there?


4 Responses to What happened to this once illustrious blog?

  1. brian says:

    i would very much appreciate a site similar to this one for baseball.

  2. Sam says:

    Great Site, hopefully you can get back to spending some time on it, and I also am interested in a baseball version of it

  3. McGator says:

    Well, sorry to hear that but good for you. This is/was a great site and I just wondered where the great commentary went. Obviously it’s understandable that it doesn’t pay the bills. Great site though.

  4. James Morris says:

    I used to love the Trade Evaluator that you had. Any chance of getting it put back up or the program transfered to our site?

    James Morris
    Indiana Pacers Columnist
    Utah Jazz Columnist
    Rotorob.com Columnist

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