Tim Hardaway: He Sure Could Hoop

You may have noticed Tim Hardaway has been in the news lately. For whatever reason, it got me thinking back on Tim’s career, and how good he was for a while.

If we take his third NBA season, back when he was running and gunning with the Run TMC Warriors (back when they actually participated in the postseason!), and throw it into the RotoPoll Rater Creator, we see that his averages of 23 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds, with 2 steals and 1.6 threes, are good enough to be the 7th-ranked player in today’s NBA. I know it’s a little tricky to compare across years, etc., but still, that’s pretty impressive.

I hadn’t remembered him being a 1st-round pick. Was he a first-round fixture in your leagues back then (assuming you go back that far)? I vaguely recalled he was more of a second-round guy, after PGs like Stockton, Mark Price, and Kevin Johnson.


8 Responses to Tim Hardaway: He Sure Could Hoop

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  2. […] What happened to this once illustrious blog? That was the question posed in a recent comment. […]

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