Rick Kamla and RotoPoll Agree: Manu Blew Up

Manu Ginobili

Manu can do a lot in only 27 minutes.

Sometimes I like to compare the RotoPoll rankings against other rankings that are out there.

Last night on NBA TV’s NBA Fantasy Hoops, host Rick Kamla proclaimed that Manu Ginobili had the best fantasy line of the night. This morning, I checked the RotoPoll top games list to see if it agrees with Rick. Good news: It does. So in case you were worried that these numbers are being conjured out of thin air, there’s one tiny piece of anecdotal evidence that they’re legit.


4 Responses to Rick Kamla and RotoPoll Agree: Manu Blew Up

  1. docpaul says:

    The top games feature is really, really nice. I noticed something odd though. On your top games page from last night, you list Tony Allen as having the second best game, with the following line:

    7/14 6/6 1 9 3 7 1 21 (14.52)

    However, when you go to his player page, I get the following line:

    Jan 07 45 7/14 6/6 1 9 3 7 1 21 (18.56)

    Notice how the score is different? Perhaps I’m missing something, or the differences are applied across the board, so it doesn’t affect order of rankings, but thought you might want to know about it.

    I feel kind of guilty pointing these things out, as I really find your site to be helpful, but hey.. at least you know someone out there is getting a lot of value from it! 🙂

  2. rotopoll says:

    It’s good to point these things out. I appreciate it. I’ll look into it further, but my first guess is that the different scores are because one score is generated from all the scores of the night, and the other is from the entire season, but I’d still think they would be closer. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on.

  3. rotopoll says:

    Ok, I think the problem is fixed, as well as another one that had goofed up today’s 2-week averages.

  4. docpaul says:

    Perfect.. I think you got it.. wow, Tony Allen has been a monster, huh? Curious to see what they’ll do with him once Pierce is back. Your site helped me find him for my fantasy team off the waivers, and he’s been awesome for me.

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