Fantasy Through the Ages

I’ve always wanted to see a list of the best fantasy seasons of all-time. Our friends over at Give Me the Rock have created a list that comes pretty close, covering the years 1979-2005 (Note: it’s a big file). There they are—the best 9,168 individual seasons over those 26 seasons. Awesome.

Remember that old game Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-one? That’s what the top of the list looks like.

Jordan Vs. Bird: One on One

One Response to Fantasy Through the Ages

  1. Patrick says:

    As a kid, I would play Jordan vs Bird for hours on end. Man, I loved that game. It was way better than Double Dribble.

    But really, I wanted to say thank you very much for the link. It’s much appreciated. And I’m glad that you liked the list. Hopefully, it’ll stir a little discussion or spur someone on to try to prove me wrong. By the way, I have a full file with both actual and standardized stats as well as ratings both with and without turnovers included, if you (or anyone else) is interested in the full package. Just email me at biggs0 AT and I’ll be happy to send it off. I didn’t put it online because it’s a 2MB file and the only free web host I could find limited me to 750 KB files.

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