Guy You Need to Know About: Devin Brown

Devin Brown

That flash of light in the night sky isn’t a meteor (or the state of Idaho celebrating by shooting off one billion firecrackers), it’s Devin Brown rocketing up the RotoPoll rankings.

Since being signed by the injury-riddled Hornets barely a week ago, Brown has stepped right in and taken on big minutes. Over his last three games, he’s averaged 14 points, almost 9 rebounds and 5 assists, and 1.7 steals and threes per contest. His only drawback is his poor shooting (35% FG and 71% FT).

I think you can look for good production from him for a while, as Chris Paul, Peja, B-Jax and David West are all expected to remain sidelined for weeks.

Also, if anyone out there has web experience and needs work, Mr. Brown’s web site could use a little updating.


3 Responses to Guy You Need to Know About: Devin Brown

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