Boise State Wins the Outrageous Ending Bowl

This is clearly off-topic, but I can’t help it. I’ve just witnessed the most incredible ending to a sporting event I think I’ve ever seen. Even if you only started watching with two minutes left, here’s what happened, as best I can recall in my postgame stupor:

Down 28-20, Oklahoma drives the length of the field in one minute, scoring a touchdown on a pass deflected in the endzone. This completes a comeback from being down 28-10 in the 3rd quarter. Oklahoma clearly has all the “momentum”, such as it is.

Boise State receives the kickoff, and the returner is one tackle away from housing it. Taking over on the 25 yard line with 1:26 left, Boise State QB Jared Zabransky is picked off on the first play by an Oklahoma DB and it’s returned for a touchdown. 35-28, Oklahoma. The momentum shift has achieved tsunami status. Sooners fans are dancing in the aisles.

Boise gets the ball again with 54 seconds left on their own 20. After a couple completions, a sack, and a couple incompletions, they have a 4th-and-18 on the 50 with 0:18 left. Facing do-or-die time, Zabransky hits Drisan James on a deep cross, which probably would have been good for a first down, only James then pitches the ball to Jerard Rabb crossing the other way for a perfect hook-and-lateral, Rabb wins a race to the pylon, and dives across to finish off the most spectacular touchdown of the year (the video is shown above).

Overtime. Oklahoma scores a touchdown in one play, as Adrian Peterson goes around the left side virtually untouched. 42-35, Oklahoma.

Boise State puts together a matching TD drive, unleashing a bewildering array of trick plays. The touchdown comes on a 4th-and-2 from the five, when QB Zabransky goes in motion to the left and the ball is direct-snapped to wideout Vinny Perretta, who rolls right and floats a perfect touch pass to Derek Schouman in the endzone. A direct-snap WR option on fourth down! Unbelievable. 42-41, Oklahoma.

Boise State then elects to go for two and try to win the game right then and there. In a play reminiscent of the old “Statue of Liberty” play, Zabransky fakes a WR screen to the right, hiding the ball behind his back and handing it to tailback Ian Johnson, who ran around the left end into the endzone and fired the ball into the stands in celebration. Your final score: 43-42, Boise State.

Look for it on ESPN Classic very soon. Probably tomorrow.

Update: And as if all that weren’t enough… After the game Ian Johnson, the Boise State tailback who scored the winning two-point converstion, dropped to a knee and proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend.

Update #2: I can’t stop thinking about this stuff today. Here’s an attempt at explaining why the “BCS problem” persists, and a simple solution for it: The BCS is like Jessica Alba (And Here’s How to Fix It)


27 Responses to Boise State Wins the Outrageous Ending Bowl

  1. dg says:

    thanks for posting this, i gave up on football during the 3rq quarter of the rose bowl yesterday so i hadn’t seen it yet

  2. jeff says:

    exactly the same for me. thanks. there is joy left in the world

  3. Boise State Wins the Outrageous Ending Bowl

  4. Dan says:

    Yeah, that was an amazing game.. fyi Ian Johnson is a running back.

  5. R Johnson says:

    Most definately the best college football game i have ever seen. I thought it was over when oklahoma intercepted and took back for a touchdown. Boise State deserves a nod at National Championship 13-0 and a great win. Thanks for posting

  6. The running back for Boise also threw the game-winning ball into the stands! DOH! Scanning eBay now…..

  7. Sherri says:


    Sincerely, an OU fan

  8. Pat says:

    All I have to say is this was the best game I have ever seen. I’m sure others would argue but this game was awesome.

  9. Beck says:

    I love my Sooners and my heart aches over what happened last night, but I have nothing but respect for those Broncos. What a great fight. All the more reason to have a playoff in college football.

    What a great game!

  10. jaxxduece says:

    “Wow” pretty much sums it up. Great job by Boise St. to hang in there even though it looked like they were giving it away.
    Just hoping the BCS championship game is even remotely this good.

  11. Jody says:

    I turned my back the second Zibransky threw the ball to a Sooner. Little did I know during my sulking period that a miracle occurred. I Love it! I cried, especially when Ian proposed.

  12. Anybody think we need a college playoff system yet?

  13. rotopoll says:

    I think pretty much everyone (except college presidents) would like to see some kind of playoff system. But Tony Kornheiser made an interesting point on PTI today: Before the BCS, we probably wouldn’t even have seen a game like yesterday’s. A major bowl probably never would have extended an offer to a school such as Boise State, because of lack of TV ratings, etc. As Tony said, “Baby steps.” But yeah, I’d like something to change, if for no other reason than I want to see Boise State play again.

  14. gulfcoastpolo says:

    This game was amazing and these so called smaller schools can play with the so called power confernces. Look back at Utah in the 2004 season when they smashed a pathetic pitt team in the fiesta and I know for a fact that they could have beaten ou
    and auburn and given USC a challange. Who wouldn’t want a playoff remember when randy moss was at marshall he would have schooled every DB from FSU, Miami, USC all of them. Its a shame there is no playoff

  15. oregoncat says:

    I’ve been waiting for this game ever since watching Boise St. play Oregon St. early in the season… they didn’t disappoint!

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  17. tairalee says:

    Love my Sooners, but this game was so good it didn’t really register as a loss. Everyone’s a weaner today, folks!

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  20. […] UPDATE – Did I mention that this game had one of the greatest finishes of any game played this year. Oklohoma were behind 28 – 10 in the 3rd quarter, got ahead 35 -28 in with 54 seconds to go and finished up loosing with the last play in overtime. Check out the action from the last frenzied few minutes here (includes video). […]

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  23. OK.

    So what is a greater ending, BoiseState v Oklahoma or
    Cal v Stanford with the Kick off return to winwith the 5 pitches and the band on the field?

    I say BS-Oklahoma hands down.

  24. Sherri says:

    It was an awesome game, no doubt. Despite my earlier comment, I’m not disappointed with the outcome. But I missed the proposal. 😦

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  26. Econgomi says:

    any news coming ?

  27. Cameraman says:


    […]Boise State Wins the Outrageous Ending Bowl « RotoPoll – Inside the Stats[…]…

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