Buy Low and Sell High Opportunities

This idea first appeared in a comment on the post about who’s over- and underperforming, but I think it’s good enough that it deserves a quick post.

Basically, the idea is that the list could be a good way to find guys to buy low or sell high.

While this might not be all that helpful in trying to predict a player’s performance going forward, it could be very useful in helping pinpoint which players to buy low/sell high on. Take someone like Kirilenko, who shows a -3.06 score differential. This is a quick and easy way to see that Kirilenko’s owners are probably pretty frustrated with him right about now (I know, I’m one). If you think he might somehow turn things around in the last 2/3 of the season, you can probably pick him up on the cheap. Conversely, Gilbert Arenas’ owners who don’t believe he’ll sustain his otherworldly level of play much longer can probably swap him for a KG/Marion/LeBron, straight up.

I suggest using the RotoPoll list in conjunction with “real” lists (created by humans) like the one over at GMTR. There’s a lot of bargain hunting you can do out there.


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