The Cost of a Missed Putback

Josh Howard

Please don’t miss, Josh.

Just a quick little tidbit for you. Have you ever been watching a game when one of your guys tries to tip in a rebound and misses? You probably thought to yourself, “Oh well, he missed the shot, but at least it’s a rebound.” But is the rebound worth more than the missed shot cost you? I think the answer is pretty surprising.

Using the RotoPoll Rater Creator, we can see the relative effect of the rebound and the missed shot. Based on the numbers for the season to date, a rebound adds 0.36 (roughly) to a player’s overall RotoPoll score. Incredibly, missing a single field goal subtracts 0.59 from a player’s score. That’s right: Missing a shot costs you almost twice as much as a rebound helps you.

For those of you suspiciously thinking, “Wait a second, that doesn’t seem right. Maybe your scoring system is screwed up,” I can only offer to let you take a look at how the scores are calculated and offer your opinions. I stand firmly behind these scores and the methodology for calculating them (and I think this is the same way most sites do it).

Sample data:
Before the rebound and missed putback
After the rebound and missed putback
For a net result of -0.23. The difference holds up, no matter what stats you use as a baseline.

Just another thing to think about while you’re watching your fantasy teams in action.


One Response to The Cost of a Missed Putback

  1. […] Dropped Richardson for Pargo. He’ll help with assists and FT% for the next month. I still need to work on trading some of my lower percentage guys, which as shown by RotoPoll, is more important than we all realize. mabeuf has a great list of buy low guys, Ming is a nice target for this team if I can pry him from his owner’s iron grip. I also like Caron Butler a lot, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far in trying to trade for him (And I’m not being stingy, I’ve offered Jermaine O’Neal and been rejected). I’ll keep working the trades for the sake of this team. We’ll see. […]

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