The Fantasy All-star Teams

NBA All-star

In the real world, Lebron and Yao lead the NBA All-star voting. But let’s take a look at the 2006 fantasy all-stars for the season so far, and how they’d stack up against the “real” ones.

If you took the early All-star voting returns and put together a a starting five for each conference, they would look like this:

East West
G Dwyane Wade Kobe Bryant
G Vince Carter Tracy McGrady
F Lebron James Kevin Garnett
F Chris Bosh Tim Duncan
C Shaquille O’Neal Yao Ming

(Note: Allen Iverson was the leading vote-getter among guards in the East, but would only rank third in the West.)

But if we take the top producers at each position, in each conference, from the RotoPoll rankings, our starting fives look like this:

East West
G Dwyane Wade Steve Nash
G Gilbert Arenas Allen Iverson
F Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett
F Lebron James Shawn Marion
C Jermaine O’Neal Yao Ming

So actually, there are some significant changes, but overall it’s not that different. Gilbert gets the All-star nod he’s deserved (and been overlooked for) for so long, one O’Neal gets replaced with another, and AI narrowly beats out Kobe in his new conference.

Granted, I’m biased, but I think the RotoPoll starting lineups are better, and more representative of who deserves to be playing in Las Vegas.


3 Responses to The Fantasy All-star Teams

  1. Abe says:

    I think Rotopoll is better for the east, but I like the fans for the west. Put Nash in for McGrady though. Duncan should be a starter until he noticably sucks.

  2. rotopoll says:

    Yeah, I was trying to bite my tongue on the Marion thing. Everybody knows I love him like a son.

  3. Dear Aunaetitrakul says:

    Based on what I see from the Rotopoll, I don’t think Garnett deserves to be the starter for the west. He’s just not a type of guy that he is used to be. He’s old. I agree with Abe, Duncan should be a starter.

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