Pick up Willie Green?

I just wanted to weigh in on something real quick…

, which let me just say is one of my favorite sites in the world, has been advocating grabbing Willie Green for a while now, as he should get good minutes with Allen Iverson gone. FantasySportsRadar, on the other hand, says to stay away because of his poor percentages. I agree with Radar on this one, not just because of the tendency to undervalue percentages, but also because Willie just doens’t give you much: His 2-week rank, win the post-AI era, is a mere 238, and the FG% portion of his value is an abysmal -2.3. For perspective, their are only 6 players with a more negative impact in the entire NBA over the past two weeks.

So, long story short: Stay from Willie Green, even if he’s getting minutes.


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