Lebron owners are feeling the pain

Yikes. As if it weren’t bad enough that my team saw Danny Granger, Ricky Davis, and Damien Wilkins combine for 11 points on Saturday night, my #1 guy, my rock, my Lebron James, put up a stinker too. As a fantasy owner, you don’t really care that he “took over the fourth quarter” and led his team to a win, what you care about are his numbers. And they seem ok on the surface: 32 points, 7 rebounds — but that’s it. No D, and what’s worse, a frightening 4/10 from the stripe. The foul shooting continues to plgue King James this year, putting a serious buzzkill on his fantasy value.

So Lebron’s 32 and 7, which might look good to the uneducated eye, is in reality only good for a rank of 111th in 8-category leagues, not quite what most of us were hoping out of a #1 pick. (Oh yeah, he also had 7 turnovers.)

So Lebron, kiss your wrists or whatever you’ve gotta do, and let’s start making those free throws.


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