Huge Games Last Night

There was a “full slate of action” in the NBA last night, as they say, including Allen Iverson‘s debut as a Nugget and we saw some big numbers being put up.

Leading the way was Gilbert Arenas, who posted another 54 points, 6 threes, and great percentages. When someone goes 21/37 from the field, that REALLY helps your team (look for an upcoming post on this like the one about free throws). Other big nights were put up by Baron Davis, Steve Nash (it was a good night for point guards), Caron Butler, and Joe Johnson.

Not that they’re competing or anything (but in fact, they might very well be), but Kobe and Gilbert have now locked down the top four fantasy performances of the year between them. I think we can expect many more big games from each of these guys throughout the rest of the season.

Top fantasy games of last night and the season


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