Which NBA team is the best fantasy team?

Here’s something fantasy die-hards like to argue about: Which NBA squad would be the best fantasy team? Well, with RotoPoll and the Trade Evaluator, we can find out.

For this exercise, we’ll consider the starting five for each team, according to the latest depth chart. In cases where a bench player is clearly more valuable than a starter (such as Sam Cassell or Corey Maggette vs. Quinton Ross), we can sub him in and run the numbers that way too.

As you would expect, the talent is tilted toward the Western Conference. The number one fantasy team? No surprise here: The Phoenix Suns. But guess who’s number 2? Here’s a hint: They just pulled off a blockbuster deal (you may have heard something about it) that added a lot of fantasy firepower. That’s right, it’s the Nuggets.

Here’s how the two teams square off: Suns vs. Nuggets

Suns vs. Nuggets

If the NBA Finals were today, and we took the teams with the best records from the West (Spurs) and the East (Pistons), it owould be a pretty close matchup, fantasy-wise: Spurs vs. the Pistons

But actually, the Pistons aren’t the best fantasy squad in the East. Who is? A team that’s .500 and would barely make the playoffs right now: The Washington Wizards. But they would still be no match for the Suns: Suns vs. Wizards

And there you have it–definitive proof of absolutely nothing, but more anecdotal evidence that the West is where it’s at in the NBA right now.


8 Responses to Which NBA team is the best fantasy team?

  1. Abe says:

    What about the Warriors?

  2. rotopoll says:

    The Warriors are pretty strong. They come in at about the same rating as the Wizards, meaning they’d be just about the best in the East. The only reason they’re not even higher is because they spread it around… if we did the best 9-man rotations, they might be up there, just behind the Suns. Maybe in a future entry…

  3. sammy says:

    Where would the Mavs fit in, they have a lot of contributors?

  4. rotopoll says:

    Good question. The Mavs actually were one of my first guesses for who would be on top, but they’re not quite as good as I thought:
    Suns vs. Mavericks

    Maybe I should try to create a full list, broken down by team.

  5. Muff says:

    How bad were the Kings?

  6. rotopoll says:

    Not too bad, actually. As Brad gets stronger, Bibby breaks his slump, and Artest starts playing again, they should be a pretty strong fantasy squad.

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  8. ggggggg says:


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