Who’s hot and not: Diaw and Prince

Today we’ll take a look at a couple of the hottest and coldest players in fantasy leagues right now.

Based on the RotoPoll one-week rank change, we can see which players are trending up or down. Currently, Jared Jeffries is at the top of the list, but let’s restrict it to just guys in the top 100, to focus on the most important players in fantasy hoops.

The hottest player? Boris Diaw. The dude is on fire lately. He’s up in every single category over the past two weeks, and has climbed an amazing 24 places, up to #80, in the past week.

Boris Diaw 12/18

It can’t be a coincidence that Diaw’s teammates Raja Bell (-13) and Leandro Barbosa (-10) have both taken a big hit in their value over the same time period.

But they’re not the coldest players in the top 100. Who is? Tayshuan Prince. The Prince of Motown is down 20 spots in just one week, and is down in almost every category.

Tayshaun Prince 12/18

Keep your eye on the RotoPoll rank change list to see who’s hot and who’s not throughout the season.


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