Off-topic: Somebody Burped During the Giants-Redskins Game

December 31, 2006

This is way off topic for this blog, but I don’t have anywhere else to write stuff like this…

I was mindlessly watching the Giants-Redskins game last night (which actually was one of the better games of the season), when my wife, paying even less attention than I was, suddenly exclaimed, “Did Bryant Gumbel just burp on the air?” Thanks to the magic of TiVo, I quickly verified that somebody let out a loud belch at the 3:04 mark of the 3rd quarter. It happened during dead air, making it seem like either NFL Network play-by-play man Bryant Gubmel or color commentator Cris Collinsworth was to blame. I found a YouTube clip of the first incident:

It happened again at roughly 13:28 of the 4th quarter, this time while they were talking. With about 6 minutes left in the game, Gumbel addressed the issue, saying that threre was an “open mic” somewhere, and that he and Collinsworth were not, in fact, battling “indigestion.”

I have no idea who did the burping. Honestly, I doubt it was one of the booth guys, because I have to believe they’d turn off their mics to burp, cough, sneeze, or anything else, and failing that, at least follow it up with an “excuse me” or something. They’re professionals—it’s not like it’s the first time they’ve been on TV. But I also wonder why the “open mic” didn’t seem to catch a lot of other random sounds… just a couple loud belches.

A quick search reveals that a couple other blogs have weighed in on this topic as well.


LeBron Can Score (From the Field)

December 30, 2006

There was an incredible stat on ESPN tonight: Since joining the NBA as a rookie, LeBron James has outscored every other player over that timespan. That’s right, over the last 3+ years he’s racked up more points than Kobe, Dirk, or anyone else in the league (7,069, by the way). Talk about making an impact right away.

But this is small solace to LeBron’s fantasy owners, who are probably blinded with rage by his infuriating 0-3 from the free throw line tonight (or at least they ought to be).

Buy Low and Sell High Opportunities

December 30, 2006

This idea first appeared in a comment on the post about who’s over- and underperforming, but I think it’s good enough that it deserves a quick post.

Basically, the idea is that the list could be a good way to find guys to buy low or sell high.

While this might not be all that helpful in trying to predict a player’s performance going forward, it could be very useful in helping pinpoint which players to buy low/sell high on. Take someone like Kirilenko, who shows a -3.06 score differential. This is a quick and easy way to see that Kirilenko’s owners are probably pretty frustrated with him right about now (I know, I’m one). If you think he might somehow turn things around in the last 2/3 of the season, you can probably pick him up on the cheap. Conversely, Gilbert Arenas’ owners who don’t believe he’ll sustain his otherworldly level of play much longer can probably swap him for a KG/Marion/LeBron, straight up.

I suggest using the RotoPoll list in conjunction with “real” lists (created by humans) like the one over at GMTR. There’s a lot of bargain hunting you can do out there.

LeBron James Continues to Struggle

December 30, 2006
LeBron James

LeBron’s owners are disappointed.

You might not realize it unless you had the #1 pick in a league this year (and I did), but LeBron James is one of the biggest busts of the year so far (and we can prove it).

Bron-Bron had another disappointing game last night. It looks good on the surface, as he broke 30 points again, but he only had 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and his achilles heel, his free throw shooting, continues to rear its ugly head (he was 8/13 last night).

I still tend to think LeBron will pick it up down the stretch, but if we re-drafted today, I’d probably take Gilbert Arenas first.

Player News Feeds

December 29, 2006
Kevin Garnett

See what’s new with KG and friends.

In our continuing quest to make RotoPoll a comprehensive source for fantasy info, we’ve added player news feeds to the player pages. For example: Check in on Kevin Garnett.

Who’s Outperforming, and Who’s Disappointing

December 29, 2006
Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin is flying high.

Ok, this should be fun… Today we’ll take a look at which fantasy players are outperforming their preseason expectations (that is, who was underrated coming into the season), and who’s been underperforming (the biggest busts).

The obvious way to do that would be to compare their preseason ranks or draft position (I’ll use ESPN’s) against where they are now. Doing a simple subtraction yields the following list:

Player Rank diff
J.R. Smith 122
Josh Childress 99
Al Jefferson 94
Kevin Martin 84
Sean May 74

However, I don’t think that gives us the full story. Clearly, players who were ranked very low have an advantage in this measurement, and a guy like Gilbert Arenas, in the midst of a monster year, has no chance of showing up. So another idea would be to use the ratio of the ranks:

Player Rank ratio
Gilbert Arenas 8.00
Kevin Martin 4.11
Caron Butler 3.62
Carmelo Anthony 3.38
J.R. Smith 3.03

Aha, there’s Gil. This list looks a little better to me, and notice J.R. Smith is still up there. But actually, I think the best way to meausure this is to measure the player’s current RotoPoll score against the score he would have, if he still occupied the same position as the preseason rankings. That is, since Gilbert Arenas was 8th on the preseason list, we measure his current score against that of the player currently ranked 8th (Carmelo Anthony). This should give us the truest measure of how much more a player is helping his fantasy teams than we expected him to.

So, without any further ado, here’s the full list:

Player Score diff
Kevin Martin 4.90
J.R. Smith 4.15
Caron Butler 3.44
Josh Childress 3.42
Mo Williams 3.10
Josh Howard 3.02
Al Jefferson 2.86
Andre Iguodala 2.79
Andris Biedrins 2.66
Baron Davis 2.59
Jarrett Jack 2.54
Leandro Barbosa 2.48
Sean May 2.37
Carlos Boozer 2.37
Zach Randolph 2.36
Mike Miller 2.35
Zaza Pachulia 2.14
Gilbert Arenas 2.11
Carmelo Anthony 2.00
Udonis Haslem 1.95
Jamal Crawford 1.93
Rashard Lewis 1.89
Antawn Jamison 1.69
Brevin Knight 1.68
Danny Granger 1.53
Andres Nocioni 1.51
Luke Ridnour 1.46
Chris Duhon 1.41
Deron Williams 1.32
Rafer Alston 1.32
Shane Battier 1.30
Richard Hamilton 1.29
Manu Ginobili 1.23
Alonzo Mourning 1.23
Yao Ming 1.22
Luol Deng 1.16
Kwame Brown 1.13
Luke Walton 1.13
T.J. Ford 1.03
Dwyane Wade 1.01
Jamaal Tinsley 1.00
Jorge Garbajosa 0.98
Travis Outlaw 0.95
Mike Dunleavy 0.87
Tayshaun Prince 0.87
Grant Hill 0.83
Devin Harris 0.83
Allen Iverson 0.74
Ryan Gomes 0.73
Steve Nash 0.73
Andre Miller 0.65
Kenny Thomas 0.63
Emeka Okafor 0.61
Marcus Camby 0.59
Ben Gordon 0.58
Joe Johnson 0.54
Andrew Bogut 0.47
Josh Smith 0.40
Samuel Dalembert 0.37
Erick Dampier 0.31
Michael Redd 0.25
Brendan Haywood 0.24
Wally Szczerbiak 0.23
Derek Fisher 0.19
Jermaine O’Neal 0.13
Nene Hilario 0.11
Tony Parker 0.10
Kurt Thomas 0.10
Jason Williams 0.09
Troy Murphy 0.09
Jason Terry 0.09
Nenad Krstic 0.07
Shaun Livingston 0.05
Shawn Marion 0.00
Raja Bell 0.00
Rasheed Wallace 0.00
Vince Carter 0.00
Paul Pierce -0.00
Hakim Warrick -0.01
Kevin Garnett -0.02
Kyle Korver -0.02
Nazr Mohammed -0.02
Kendrick Perkins -0.06
Chauncey Billups -0.16
Cuttino Mobley -0.17
Shareef Abdur-Rahim -0.18
Jason Kidd -0.23
Eddy Curry -0.24
Quentin Richardson -0.24
Donyell Marshall -0.25
Shelden Williams -0.27
Stephen Jackson -0.28
Tim Thomas -0.33
Marko Jaric -0.33
Lamar Odom -0.34
Juan Dixon -0.36
Earl Boykins -0.36
Pau Gasol -0.36
Drew Gooden -0.40
Marvin Williams -0.46
Jerry Stackhouse -0.47
Smush Parker -0.52
Dwight Howard -0.57
Paul Millsap -0.68
Ray Allen -0.70
Chris Wilcox -0.72
Ron Artest -0.79
Tyson Chandler -0.81
Matt Harpring -0.83
Charlie Villanueva -0.86
Ricky Davis -0.93
Raymond Felton -0.96
Mehmet Okur -1.08
Joel Przybilla -1.09
Vladimir Radmanovic -1.10
Martell Webster -1.13
Al Harrington -1.13
Dirk Nowitzki -1.20
David West -1.21
Sebastian Telfair -1.22
Ben Wallace -1.29
Andrew Bynum -1.29
Steve Francis -1.36
Amare Stoudemire -1.37
Theo Ratliff -1.37
Sarunas Jasikevicius -1.41
Antonio Mcdyess -1.41
Chris Paul -1.45
Kobe Bryant -1.46
Delonte West -1.48
Andrea Bargnani -1.51
Tim Duncan -1.53
Ike Diogu -1.60
LaMarcus Aldridge -1.63
Elton Brand -1.64
Hedo Turkoglu -1.67
Larry Hughes -1.67
Jameer Nelson -1.75
Chris Webber -1.81
Mike James -1.82
Morris Peterson -1.82
Antoine Walker -1.84
Peja Stojakovic -1.85
Kirk Hinrich -1.90
Carlos Arroyo -1.90
Zydrunas Ilgauskas -2.00
Boris Diaw -2.09
Desagana Diop -2.09
Jordan Farmar -2.15
Rudy Gay -2.18
Corey Maggette -2.23
Speedy Claxton -2.25
LeBron James -2.27
Darko Milicic -2.34
Chris Bosh -2.45
Marquis Daniels -2.48
Sam Cassell -2.54
Channing Frye -2.55
Primoz Brezec -2.61
Jamaal Magloire -2.71
Chris Kaman -2.79
Juwan Howard -2.85
Rajon Rondo -2.94
Marcus Williams -3.02
Mike Bibby -3.02
Andrei Kirilenko -3.06
Tracy McGrady -3.13
Michael Finley -3.14
Eddie Jones -3.27
Brandon Roy -3.30
Gerald Wallace -3.33
Randy Foye -3.55
Stephon Marbury -3.81
Adam Morrison -3.86
Richard Jefferson -3.97
Tyrus Thomas -4.02
Jalen Rose -4.36
Bonzi Wells -4.42
Brad Miller -5.29
Shaquille O’Neal -5.38
Jason Richardson -5.39
J.J. Redick -5.77
Kenyon Martin -5.98

Congrats if you drafted guys at the top of this list.

Other Sites to Aid Your Basketball Education

December 28, 2006

The good folks over at Give Me The Rock (one of the best basketball blogs out there) were kind enough to post a nice writeup of RotoPoll tonight:

For those who are statistically inclined, check out the RotoPoll Blog for fantasy analysis you can get lost in – including discussion of the most average fantasy player, the value of a missed shot, and some pretty slick player pages (complete with graphs).

Aw, shucks. They also mention Basketball Monster, an intense stat site with a lot of useful tools too. If you haven’t either of these sites before, go check them out.